This is  Tacey Designs Jewelry

Tacey Designs jewelry is worn by the evolved female who has utter confidence in her place on the planet. She has grace and edge, and she knows her spirit. She needs neither the shouting, nor the shyness of the mainstream. She finds gorgeousness within herself, and seeks clothing and adornment to express it.


Wearing an assemblage which is all hers, the spirit of the woman is apparent to the world, and becomes her "gift to the street." People react to her aura with smiles, and she gives and goes with grace. This creative dressing comes from her awareness that every moment is precious, and that there is opportunity to celebrate each day with her elegance.


Because each woman has many messages, she collects many outfits. Assembling her outer display, the woman considers each variable in order to accurately speak her message: the textures and drapes, the color plays, the protection, the great shoe, the exquisite neckpiece and earrings, and her scent.


Tacey Designs pieces are personal icons to inspire your clothing assemblages. You will return to them again and again, as they help you to celebrate the beauty of your life. Collect them, as you collect beautiful moments. Wear them everywhere. Share your grace with all of us.


Thank you for collecting Tacey Designs jewelry. These are special pieces, all one-of-a-kind, as diverse as the women who wear them. Each collection is yours to discover.