Shop Notes


  1. Wow! SHIPPING IS INCLUDED to continental US! All others add only $10 USD per order.

  2. All pieces are one-of-a-kind, designed and handmade by Tacey. All come in a keepsake box.

  3. The weight of each piece is listed in ounces and grams, for your wearing comfort.

  4. Each piece has a subtle front face and back side.

  5. Earrings available with a necklace are strongly recommended by Tacey, but their purchase is optional. Likewise, many necklaces are offered without earrings when a simple hoop, stud, or pearl would be the best complement.

  6. Some beads can shatter when dropped. Fasten your necklace over your bed or carpet.

  7. Toggles are easy! Point the bar STRAIGHT into the hole of the ring, and pull it all the way through. Then let go, and the bar will relax securely against the ring. For a bracelet, drape the bracelet with the ring part over the wrist bone. With your other hand, feed the bar UP through the ring.

  8. Clean body lotions and perfumes from your pieces. Gently massage with a microfiber or lint-free cloth. Some pieces can be run under lukewarm tap with dish liquid.

  9. Experiment with stacking your neck pieces, as they take on new character when paired or tripled. Create a new look from your entire Tacey Designs collection.

  10. Prepare for compliments! You will turn heads!