New Inspirations from Tacey Designs

Combinations of textures I have been seeing and wearing, along with my art, experiments and thoughts.




It's not about money: great fashion is made with spirit and heart. Some of my best assemblages are the cheapest. I actually look dowdy in expensive and highly tailored clothing.





To assemble your outfits, it helps to SEE your pieces. An organized dressing room can be your Mission Control.

Many linear feet of rods, bright lighting, mirrors, a large table, ironing/steam, sewing machine, open shelves for shoes and sweaters, bins for lingerie, wall hooks for display. No drawers. Everything out in the open.


Jewelry can be in a chest similar to an architect's flat file. Open each drawer to see many necklaces lying flat. This is luxury.

I change this page often. I take photographs everywhere, to share with you.

All photography on this website is by me. Contact me for reproduction. 

(Portraits of Tacey by PORTRAIT SIMPLE, Chestnut Hill MA)